Boost your website's compliance with our service, ensuring complete adherence to GDPR. CCPA. LGPD. APPI. PDPA.


Your Website Might Not Be Compliant — Let's Verify Now

Non-compliance could lead to fines up to 4% of your annual global turnover or €20 million. Consentik scan tool quickly evaluates your site, pinpointing any compliance gaps and offering guidance to maintain full adherence to data protection laws.

Ensure Compliance with Local Laws & Google Consent Mode

Our fully customizable cookie banner tool allows merchants to quickly design branding cookies that not only meet local law requirements but are also up-to-date with Google Consent Mode. This means you can manage user consent effectively across your digital properties, ensuring that your advertising and analytics continue to perform optimally while respecting user privacy preferences.

If any of this sounds familiar, you need Consentik

I’m worried about facing substantial fines for non-compliance, which could severely impact my business’s financial health.

When customers feel that their data is not being handled securely or transparently, it can lead to a loss of trust.

When customers feel that their data is not being handled securely or transparently, it can lead to a loss of trust.

Main features

Advanced Google Consent Mode: Maximize Compliance and Analytics

With Consentik Advanced Mode, you get the most out of your ads and gather useful insights, all while keeping user privacy a top priority. It allows for more precise control over data collection and the use of anonymized data to fill in measurement gaps, making it suitable for businesses with substantial traffic and advertising needs.

Plugin benefits

Enhance User Trust with Clear Data Control Options

Consentik empowers your visitors by giving them control over their data through easy-to-understand and accessible consent options. This not only enhances user experience but also strengthens trust and builds a strong relationship with your customers, emphasizing your commitment to protecting their privacy.

Reduce the operational burden

Our platform automates the complexities of consent management, from tracking user consents in real-time to integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, freeing up your team to focus on core business objectives.

Fully Customizable Cookie Banner​

Align your cookie banner with your brand’s style in a minute. Easily choose layouts, set languages, and target specific regions for a tailored user experience.

Auto-Blocker Script and Advanced Google Consent Mode

Enhance site compliance effortlessly with our auto-blocker script and Advanced Google Consent Mode, optimizing privacy without sacrificing performance.

Responsive Consent and Preference Banner

Offer a consistent and engaging user experience with responsive consent banners that work smoothly on any device.

Plugin integration

Easy Steps to Get Started with Consetik

Consentik makes it straightforward to set up your custom cookie banner and manage user consents efficiently

Step 1

Install App from Shopify App Store

Find Consentik on the Shopify App Store and click ‘Add App’ to begin the installation process.

Step 2

Pick UI Template and Custom Text

Choose your preferred UI template and personalize the text to match your brand’s voice and style.

Step 3

Turn Embedded App On

Enable the embedded app in your Shopify admin to start using Consentik’s compliance tools on your store.

12,000+ Happy Clients

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The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

We already have the app in use in the second store and are very satisfied with it. The adaptability is very good. So it is possible to hide the "Do not accept" button. The design can also be completely customized. We have tried several APPs but this one was by far the best 😉
We once needed the support, this was sofot to the point and has solved our problem within miunten! That's how you imagine it!


I recommend this app, I was using a free app before but couldn't customize it to my needs. Consentik gives options for customization and has a nice clean look for relatively small cost compared to other apps. The support changed the coding for me to add the feature I requested for my website, I'm really pleased. Everyone on the team is lovely. Many thanks to Vincent and Anna.

Really did spend the extra time to deal with my multi-layer issue and historical set-up. Thank you!

Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Very easy to set up and manage so it's on brand and functioning as it should. Customer support has been exemplary so far! Thank you Neil for answering all my questions and helping with the more complex details. It's a relief to have this in place and have proper compliance. We called our banner Kibble Consent as we sell gifts and accessories for cats. The little hand drawn cookie icon is cute.

Cheshire & Wain
United Kingdom
Screenshot at Jun 12 14-18-12

Good app for customers that are in need for a Google Consent v2 app that is fully compliant with GDPR and actually works as advertised. Also fast responses from the crew in case you need support. Would recommend this app.

Buro International

Great product for your store in order to stay on top of laws and orders. And they have great customer services which respond in a sec thanks Joy


United States

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